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Consider within your wildest imagination that the desserts you see contained behind bakery glass cases are joyfully waiting for someone like YOU to choose them. Their entire journey from mixing bowl to oven leads them eventually to 1 of 2 places; your home or THE SHARK X11! Meet 3 delectable, Yummy Up Bakery desserts: Bean, Catherine and Pete.

These desserts are on a 7 day journey from bowl to home IF they are all fortunate enough to be chosen by someone in time. If not, their future is doomed! I’m Cody the Cupcake inviting you to come inside the bakery and join us for an exciting adventure.

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About the Author Taylor Hirsch

Inspired by her own childhood experiences, Taylor Hirsch, an enterprising young author, has used a blend of childhood storytelling and impassioned wisdom that far exceeds her years to inspire local school-aged children. The Yummy Up Bakery explores childhood angst through the setting of a fictional bakery, creating the story as a way to speak to both parents and children about overcoming insecurities.

Through the lens of three charming desserts, that Hirsch has personified, the relatable story demonstrates for children how to build self-confidence while navigating common challenges, such as acceptance and developing self-esteem.

“The core message of the book is to stay confident through self-acknowledgement of all the good qualities that you have to offer,” said Hirsch. “It can be easy to be kind to others but surprisingly difficult to remember to be kind to yourself. If there is a piece of yourself that you don’t like, try to find ways to embrace it and learn from it, and if you still don’t like it, then focus on ways to improve yourself.”

The Yummy Up Bakery illustrates the story of a trio of sweets moving from the mixing bowl to being picked as the most delicious treats. Throughout the story, readers also experience inspiring themes like the importance of positivity, inclusion and embracing yourself fully.

Aiming to lower early childhood insecurities one page turn at a time, Hirsch is working with Chicagoland schools to show the power of self-confidence to local youth. Her message of inspiring self-esteem is winning over young students, parents, teachers and school administrators.

“If I can help one child learn to love something new about himself or herself, that is a giant impact caused by just one short story,” Hirsch added. “I know that for me, I struggled to put my challenges into words. It’s not easy for kids to talk about the causes of their angst, but storytelling offers an outlet that can start the conversation.”

News andMedia Appearances

Fox 32 | Chicago
February 17, 2020

Taylor Hirsch talks about penning the children's book 'The Yummy Up Bakery'
Promising young author Taylor Hirsch joins the set to talk about her children's book "The Yummy Up Bakery" and how she's using it to teach a positive message to young kids.

Chicago Tribune
October 11, 2019

Shout Out: Taylor Hirsch, student and author

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A Delightful Story Get Your Copy

The Yummy Up Bakery is a new book encouraging kids to love and be kinder to themselves. Taylor Hirsch began writing the core of what became this book at age 10 when she presented it as a part of the Young Authors program. After winning the competition, Hirsch pursued sharing her message of positivity and has recently published the inspiring story.

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